Week 6 (Week 42)

I’ve had this layout done since Sunday and thought I’d uploaded it… but I haven’t.  Lots of colour on backgrounds this week and I’ve played with the photos more in Photoshop now I’m learning about all the cool things you can do. Still loving putting it all together and, now I have a few layouts, best of all is looking back through it all. Great.

Week 4 (Week 40)

This week was my birthday and it didn’t go well. Fortunately things got better later in the week when I went out for dinner with my best friends. Even though I want to look for the best things every day, sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way. And it’s OK to document those things too.

Bottom right – a mini book I made for my son using this fabulous tutorial and photos of ‘Roly Poly Grandpa’ (a Duplo figure) visiting all his favourite things in the house. So cool. So easy. I made a template for cutting/folding from a sheet of A4 on my Silhouette.

Doing the layout for the week made the bad stuff OK again. I like that too.

Week 3 (Week 39)


This week started with some very upsetting news from someone close to me. I thought long and hard about including it but realised for this to work for me it has to be all of my life, both good and bad. Hence the blanked out section in the middle of the spread.

I’m still really enjoying the whole process with this.  Choosing photos, thinking about the layout, using Photoshop,writing the words and putting it all together.

Week 2 (Week 38)

It’s Sunday night and I’ve already finished this week’s Project Life pockets.

Project Life

Nothing much happened this week but it was still easy to find a photo a day. I’m not looking for fantastically shot/lit/composed pictures, I’m just looking for memory jogs.

I put this week in the same pockets as last week, just behind the previous week’s cards, and facing the other way. Do other people do that? These pockets are style A. The next 2 weeks will be style B and so on. Using the pockets in order is another way of satisfying my control freak (like the numbers, and having the month somewhere on each page) and freeing the rest of me to make crazy montages and write about how I feel. I think.

I just love how it looks. 🙂

Week 1 (Week 37)

This is my first week of Project Life (although I realise it’s week 37 in the year) and here’s my layout.

Project Life Week 1 (37)

I’m going for the unthemed look as you’ll be able to see.

I have to have at least one photo for each day and I write directly onto what I print out. I use Photoshop to put some stuff together to print, or I print out backgrounds (often from the photos I’ve taken) and then stick photos on separately. The control freak in me (surely you have one too) makes me put a number on each daily montage, sometimes digitally, sometimes written or stamped. Each pocket gets treated as its own little entry with no reference to any others.

My style inspiration comes from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer‘s Project Life and I’ve used one of her elements this week (see ‘take note’ on the right hand side in the middle). My life is messy and uncoordinated and, while I really enjoy looking at other people’s themed & tidy pages, it just isn’t a reflection of my world. These jumbled mixed up pages are.

Thanks for looking.